Wendy Williams remixes

1. Club Mix (6.45)
2. Dub Mix (6.45)
3. Original Radio / Demo (4.07)

download the remixes here!


Anonymous said...

came across this on another site. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS! This will be officially added to my Hallowen Edition coming out at the end of the week. Don't worry, I'll be linking back to you in the post. Checking out Madge's "Like a Virgin" in a bit. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Matt...I love your mixes. My name is Bobby and I'm good friends with Jared/Vibelicious. The mix is so upbeat, fresh and fun! Hope you are able to do a Last Christmas mix...nothing like a good Jewish boy mixing a Christmas tune. I suggested to Jared that you call it Matt Moss Big Gay Hanankkah MIx...LOL. Take care.