How R You? video debut

Here she is!

How R You? artwork


I'm happy to announce that I have an album of original material that will be released later this year (more details to follow). It is called (what else) "Forever." The first single from the record is a ridiculous and fun song called "How R You?" I will be posting the video shortly!


You Know Me Better - VIDEO!!!

FINALLY, the video!!! She fucking rocks!


the night I fell in love!

OMG! i found this clip on YouTube from Roisin Murphy's AMAZING performance here in NYC at deep. This was the night I fell in love.. I knew some of the moloko stuff and was actually obsessed with the Chocolate Puma Mix of "Never Enough", but I didn't realize that Roisin Murphy was a) white and b) FABULOUS!!! watching this clip gives me chills, hahaha. Here she is performing the Mousse T mix of "Sing It Back." Roisin gave the most amazing performance, including wearing this amazing Cher-esque head-piece and ultimately collapsing on stage at the very end. She begun the evening by dancing in the crowd and then continued dancing post-performance. She is fucking adorable and basically the same height as moi. I love Roisin!!!!


Jessica Vale - Brand New Disease

This is a remix I did with Reed McGowan several months ago for the wonderful Jessica Vale. The track is very catchy and I really like the direction this remix took.. It retains the sensibility of the original but allows the architecture of the song to stand out. More versions are available for purchase on iTunes. Enjoy!