Lady Gaga - Born This Way (Matt Moss Anniversary Remix Video)

this is a mix I did a while back for the 10th anniversary of Born This Way.. I actually like this mix.. it's a different style for me.. Here is the remix video just in time for Pride!  enjoy!


Matt Moss vs Janet Jackson EP (Mixes & Mashups)

Happy Birthday to Janet Jackson!!
to celebrate, I'm releasing some brand new mixes and mashups of Miss Jackson. I've completely reproduced and remixed "Nasty" and "Control" from the original multitracks (I did videos for both as well). I've revisited Steve 'Silk' Hurley's incredible House Mix of Runaway, adding some new production elements to make it fresh! In addition to those, I've done a few mashups using amazing house instrumentals by Junior Vasquez, DJ Spen and more! 
check them all out below!  


Róisín Murphy - Dear Miami (Matt Moss Remix)

Because people keep bringing it up to me:

yes, she said something fucked up on her facebook page.

yes, it’s annoying and unfortunate.

however, I truly believe it’s time to move on. 

she is so talented, so incredible, so.. once in a lifetime..

there is no one like Róisín. 

there must be a way to separate art from the artist - at least some of the time.

I hate any kind of anti-trans bullshit; it's gross.

but honestly, its my opinion that Róisín Murphy is not who we need to be mad at.


Cher - Believe (Matt Moss Anniversary Mix)

In honor of its 25th anniversary, I present the Matt Moss Anniversary Mix and remix video for Believe! Enjoy!


Miley Cyrus - Used To Be Young (Matt Moss Mixes)

Here's my latest remix for Miley's new single "Used To Be Young".


The Madonna Project

Here she is! The Madonna Project. 13 exclusive mixes and mashups by moi, of the Queen, continuously mixed together for non-stop enjoyment! Happy Pride!


  1. Free Everybody (Madonna vs Lady Gaga + Rozalla)
  2. Glitterbox Holiday (Madonna vs Bugzy Siegel)
  3. Borderline Inspiration (Madonna vs Jasper Street / Tensnake)
  4. Dress You Up (Madonna vs Djeff, DJ Spen and Reelsoul)
  5. Give It 2 My Life (Madonna vs Manjit)
  6. Deeper and Deeper Gospel (Madonna vs Dave Anthony & Dubkeys)
  7. Ray of Light (Madonna vs Emmaculate, DJ Spen & Reelsoul)
  8. Let’s Go Like A Prayer (Madonna vs DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins)
  9. Music / If Madonna Calls (Madonna vs Junior Vasquez)
  10. Frozen (Matt Moss vs Madonna)
  11. Jump 2 The Sound (Madonna vs Fast Eddie)
  12. Nobody Knows My Devil (Madonna vs Pat Bedeau)
  13. Hung Up Gyspy Woman (Madonna vs Crystal Waters)


Madonna vs Crystal Waters - Hung Up Gypsy Woman (Matt Moss Reproduction)

Here is the final preview track from my forthcoming Madonna Project. For this track, I've mashed up the house classic (and personal favorite) Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters with Hung Up. Because there was no proper instrumental available, I decided to just recreate the whole track. I've replayed all the original elements and the only sample from the original is a secondary drum loop I pulled from one of the original mixes.  By recreating the track, it gave me the control I needed to really do this the way I wanted. This was a true labor of love.  Hope you enjoy!!


Madonna vs DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins - Let's Go Like A Prayer (Matt Moss Mashup)

Here is track #2 from my forthcoming Madonna Project. "Let's Go Like A Prayer" is the mix that really set this whole project in motion. It's heavily inspired by Junior Vasquez's legendary Sound Factory mix of Like A Prayer, which was a mashup with Fast Eddie's "Let's Go". This takes the concept to the next level with the incredible DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins mix of Ann Nesby's "Turn It Up" which also is a mashup with "Let's Go". The gospel house vibes of DJ Spen & Gary Hudgin's production is otherworldly and it works perfectly in every way with "Like A Prayer."  Hope you enjoy!


Madonna vs Lady Gaga - Free Everybody (Matt Moss Mashup)

For the past few months, I've been working a Madonna remix/mashup project. These are more than simple mashups, however. I have restructured and resampled the tracks and completely reproduced Madonna's vocals from the original multitracks. Its all house with an emphasis on the more classic/ 90s side. Before dropping the complete project - which is a continuous mix consisting of 13 songs - I will be releasing 3 individual tracks. Here is the first one! Madonna vs Gaga - "Free Everybody", which is a mashup of Madonna's debut single "Everybody" and Lady Gaga's 'Chromatica' opener "Free Woman" along with a little Rozalla "Everybody's Free" for good measure! enjoy!!

artwork by Jonathan Taub