The Salsoul Orchestra - Up The Yellow Brick Road

320 kbps MP3

1. Ease On Down The Road (5:32)
2. West Side Story Medley (12:18)
(Fanfare - America - Maria - Somewhere Interlude - Tonight)
3. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band (2:51)
4. Fiddler On The Roof Medley (12:59)
(Fiddler on the Roof - Matchmaker - Sherele - Sunrise Sunset -
If I Were A Rich Man - Havah Nagila - Theme From "Exodus)
5. Evergreen (Love Theme From "A Star Is Born") (5:08)
6. West Side Story (12" Disco Version) (7:38)


Bette Midler - The Girls!

I'm so excited for the new Bette Midler album
here's the album cover that should've been!

Wini & The Sadies


Gold Town Clothing Co. presents.. GATEWAY

A film by Gold Town Clothing Co.

Timothy Hosea as The Vessel

"Born Dying" by Matt Moss feat. Steven Gonzalez

Shot on location at Perry Hoffman's Tile House in Twentynine Palms, CA


Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love (Joey Musaphia Mix)

One of my favorite dance tracks of all time is Aretha Franklin's version of A Deeper Love. My favorite remix is the David Morales Bad Yard Club Mix.  However, in honor of Gay Pride this weekend, I've decided to share an equally nice but virtually unreleased version by Joey Musaphia. This mix was released only on DMC's Remix Culture in early 1995 and took ages to find a good copy. Check it out in digital 320kbps glory right here!