i hate my life

In the never ending struggle to find my place in the world, I have to ocassionally temp in order to (try to) pay (some of) my bills. Today, I'm temp-ing at this company. It seems like it could be cool, but of course I am the little office monkey. No one has bothered to tell me really what to do aside from answer phones, BUT they have this fucking annoying phone system (by a company called Grandstream) which no one has shown me how to use, so they're all treating me like i'm a retard.


the Queen

As many of you may know, I am obsessed with Roisin Murphy.She is the most exciting and talented artist and she just keeps getting better! I had the privilege to be at club Deep here in New York when, in May 2006 at Danny Krivit's Sunday party, she performed three Moloko-era tracks. I liked some of the Moloko stuff as well as her single with Boris D'Lugosch ("Never Enough", download my remix here), but I wasn't really a fan- YET. I was blown away by her stage presence and her love for dancing and dance music. I immediately wen out and bought her debut solo album, Ruby Blue and that album is still in heavy rotation. Anyway, I will definitely be blabbing on about her more in the future, so in the meantime, watch this amazing live performance from BBC's Culture Show


Bette Midler & Dolly !

This is too fuckin' funny.. I loved her show while it lasted